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Adjustable 72-95cm Aluminium Wide Quadripod Base Walking Cane Stick

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Lightweight & sturdy aluminium construction. Push button height adjustment mechanism with locking ring allows quick & secure fitting. Non slip rubber tips ensure a secure grip. Adjustable height: 72cm – 95cm Weight: 1.5 kg Dimensions: 73 × 33 × 24 cm Note: 1) The legs should be shaped to touch the ground at right angles and not at acute angles. When the ends of the legs are at right angles with the ground, the full gripping faces of the legs are in positive contact with the walking surface, adding considerably to the cane’s stability. 2) The wide base quad cane provides more stability than the narrow base cane. If the user’s condition is one of gradual improvement, he can then “graduate” to a cane with a narrower base. 3) Low-profile quad sticks have the same features as the standard models but with the base designed with a low centre of gravity for added balance and stability

Brand ESCO
Items Name QUAD CANE (Wide Base)
Items Code CRU/0303-BB
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