Traditional Chinese Wedding Matrimonial Bedroom Setting Set (安床)

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Getting married? If you’re of Chinese descent or just looking to integrate Chinese wedding matrimonial bedroom setting(安床), I have a set on your big day. The custom in which people decorate and set up the nuptial bed, few days before wedding day. It is said that this practice is considered a blessing on the fertility of the couple and will make them produce more offspring after they get married. Below are the lucky items included in the set: 1. Tea set with two cups 2. A pair of wealth bowl with spoon & chopstick 3. A set of 3 birthing tubs filled with 5 fertility eggs 4. A pair of comb 5. A pair of red handkerchief 6. A pair set of sewing tool 7. A box of face powder (please do not use, for display only) 8. Red carpet (45cm x 120cm) Also in the package to be use in wedding actual day ceremony. 1. Red foldable umbrella 2. Chinese fan / shan for male 3. Chinese fan / shan for female 4. A pair of flower basket You will be renting the total of 12 items as listed above. All items are in good condition and only used once as displayed in my matrimonial bedroom setting & wedding day. I hope you could take good care of them too.

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